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How UI/UX Design Affects Mobile Application Usability

Mobile apps are not just for entertainment anymore. 80% of users use their devices to work and communicate with others. With this in mind, UI/UX design is a crucial element that can impact the usability of a mobile application. A good UI/UX design will create a user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate and understand from the first time they see..

design of an app
In App Design Tips

Choose the Right Color Scheme for your Mobile App

Do you want to create a mobile app with your company’s color scheme? Many different colors can be used in the design of an app, but which one is right for you? It all starts by looking at your company’s logo and branding. If the logo has blue, then maybe use blues or aquas in your app. Green logos could..

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In App Design Tips

Mobile App Design Tools to Create Your Own Apps

If you are a web designer, you have likely never thought about what designing an app would entail. But the mobile app design industry is growing exponentially. So if you want to stay competitive in your field, it might be time to start considering the possibilities of creating your apps for iOS and Android. Mobile app design tools are a..


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