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Ritesh Patel


Eric LeGrand

Chief Branding Officer

Joe Kim

Chief Marketing Officer

John Archibald

Chief Communications Officer

Sonam Patel

Chief Operating Officer

Saumya Ganguly


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Who is Forbeto?

Based in New Jersey, our team at Forbeto™ shares a common mission and passion to help those in need. Each of our executives brings a diverse background and skillset to Forbeto, providing our company with vast experience in strategic partnerships, charitable event management, business ownership, business consulting, branding, marketing and operational excellence.

The meaning of our name Forbeto is For a Better Tomorrow. The three parts in our logo represent people, businesses and charities coming together for the purpose of creating a better tomorrow. We are not a non-profit ourselves, but we have come up with a creative way to serve non-profits.

Here is how it works. Our goal at Forbeto is to create a platform where you, the listener, can support charities and local businesses at the same time. When a person becomes a member of the Forbeto community, he or she gains access to offers from local businesses. Listening to those offers earns credits into their Forbeto account. They can then use those credits to donate actual dollars to a charity of their choice in the Forbeto directory. It is that simple.

In a nutshell, Forbeto has created an effective and affordable solution for local businesses to increase consumer traffic by engaging the right audience and in the right manner, all while being able to support charitable causes at the same time. 

So we invite you to become a part of our movement by joining the Forbeto community today. Together, we have the power to change the world and create a Better Tomorrow for all.

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* Best if done on mobile device.